Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Summer Fever

This past year has been an awfully weird one when it has come to weather:
Last summer: it was scolding hot outside; it was so bad, I felt like I was suffocating every time I tried to breathe outside!

In the fall: it stayed warm until about Thanksgiving and even then, it wasn’t chilly like it normally was.

The winter: The first snow fall happened on January 12th! It was weird not having a “White Christmas!” However, it didn’t even snow that much; most of the snow was gone in February.

The spring: Spring started early, and I was wearing shorts before Spring Break! However, for the past couple of months it went downhill and became increasingly cold every day! (I was worried we were going to get snow in late April!)

Now: Summer is on its way, and it has been sunny and warm every day; I am definitely ready for summer.

The hardest part of the year for me is May. May is the time where school starts to become somewhat of a joke! The teachers are trying to wrap the year up, but what they don’t realize is that their students’ minds are not on the school material, it is on the need to go outside. I have trouble sitting in my classroom without getting restless when I see the bright sun shining through the windows.

Summer is an exciting time. It gives students the much needed break we deserve after a long, hard, and grueling year. It allows us to sleep in every day; travel whenever we want to; and it actually gives us free time to do what WE choose. Summertime is the best time because it is the only break I get all year. However, my summers always fly by, and I have yet discovered a way to slow them down.

This will be my last summer being a high school student. It is hard to believe that a year from now, I will be packing boxes and will be preparing to go off to college.  My summers have always been the best, because I always find ways to stay busy, without feeling overwhelmed. These next three weeks of school will not be able to go by any faster! Summer here I come!

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