Monday, May 14, 2012

Motivation Motivation Motivation

Motivation: noun; the act or instance of motivating, or providing with reason to act in a certain way.

Motivation is the key to everyone’s success. It is what you do in your free time, and it all determines how much you get done, and when you get it done.  As a teenager, I need to have motivation in order to succeed. Without motivation, I fail. Throughout this year I have been nothing but motivated to be involved in everything I can be, and grades/classes wise. However, recently, I have had a lack of motivation. It may just be that summer is so close, but personally, I find it hard to get out of this rut I have been in.

When it comes to school, motivation is the key that unlocks all success. Usually, I don’t procrastinate, and I WANT to get my work done early, so I have time to relax later. In the past month, this has switched to where I want to relax first, and then I save my work for the last minute. For instance, I have not had any motivation to blog recently, but knowing that they are due in a week, made me have to get them done!

Being a teenager, my favorite thing to do is to sleep. I do not get enough of it on a daily basis, and therefore whenever I have free time, all I want to do is sleep. Ultimately this ends up messing me up further because when I sleep during the day, I have trouble going to sleep at a reasonable hour at night. Because I don’t go to sleep early enough at night, I feel the need to take a nap later that day! It is an unending cycle that I don’t see changing before the school year is out. I lack motivation because it just seems so much easier to lie down and sleep than it does to do actual homework.

I know that this is just a rut I am in because summer is so close. However, I am worried that a little bit of the lack of motivation has been coming from early onset Senior-itus. All I hope is that my motivation kicks back into gear in time for the next school year to start. The lack of motivation isn’t fun for anyone because all it does is add to my stress level with other things. Next year, I am going to have to make a commitment to stay motivated because when I do, everything runs smoother! I always have to remember that if I want to succeed, I have to stay motivated!

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