Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pre-Mature Senior-itus

It has been my experience, that every year I experience some form of school-itus. However, this year, I have been afflicted with pre-mature senior-itus.

Senior-itus: The feeling of wanting to graduate from high school before it actually is time to graduate.

For the past couple of months now, I have been dealing with this disease. There are a multitude of reasons I may be suffering from this:

1)      Many of my friends are graduating this year

2)     I am mentally and physically exhausted from the stress school places upon me

3)     Like I mentioned in my last blog, SUMMER IS SO CLOSE

I have told my parents that I feel like I am ready to graduate. But this may be my tired brain talking. In reality, I am not really ready to graduate, I am just ready for a break. I realize that by wishing to graduate, I am essentially wishing my life away. I am only a junior, and your senior year is supposed to be the best year of high school. It is the year I have been waiting for for many years!

What I think is my deal, is that graduation just seems so much closer than it ever has before, and part of me is just ready to get out. By no means am I ready to live by myself, away from my family (out of lack of maturity and closeness to my family), but part of me is ready to experience something new. I am ready to be around different people every day. I have been with the same people for over three years now; yes, I love them, but sometimes a change of scenery is good and helpful. However, I have been making friends for three years now. These are people I consider my very best friends, and I will hate to say goodbye to them. When you have become so close to someone, it is always going to be hard saying goodbye when you know you won’t see them all of the time.

I remember feeling this way when I was in eighth grade as well: I was ready to move on to new people and more opportunities. I am feeling the exact same way. I know that my future holds a lot for me, and I can’t wait to get it to it. But why wishing to be done now, I am ultimately wishing away the best years of my life. I know I need to slow down and take a breath, because my senior year is definitely going to be one to remember!

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