Friday, May 11, 2012


I remember when I was about ten and the newest and coolest things to hit the market were Heelys. I thought they were so cool! You could wear regular tennis shoes while rolling around! I could be able to speed past anyone and blow them away with my speed…what a dream that was! I have never been able to balance, so obviously Heelys weren’t my thing. However, this was when I was ten. I am now seventeen; you would think that Heelys would have gone out of style or people would just stop wearing them. To my surprise, they have not. There are people who skate past you in the hallways or on the sidewalk because of their Heelys. If skateboards and roller blades are banned on school property, why aren’t Heelys? Heelys are a hazard and can cause many people harm in the hallways, and therefore should be banned within the school.

For the past three years, I have been roaming the halls of high school. Being so, I have seen many different things as well as many different types of people. Although, something I see more than I anticipated are wheels. These wheels come in a variety of forms. Some are on backpacks (which I was under the impression that we got rid of those when we graduated elementary school) and some are on the bottom of people’s shoes. For example, there is this girl who wears Heelys to school every day. She spends her time skidding through the halls, blowing past everyone and everything. She comes up right behind you, and then cuts you off as she skates around the corner! I swear my head spins around every time she passes me. Sometimes, the breath is taken out of me; before I realize what just went flying past me, I remember: Heelys.
This girl is such a sweet girl, but she can also be considered kind of dangerous. I have been in the hallway, and she has almost taken me out. She is very good at Heelying, and I trust her while she is maneuvering around the school in her shoes, but sometimes I feel like she won’t stop in time and she will wipe me out! However, she has been Heelying for many years, so she has become very good at doing special tricks in them. Last year for the talent show, she did a dance with sticks to music WHILE Heelying around the auditorium! It was so cool and I have to admit, I was a little jealous.
Heelys can be fun, if they are worn at the appropriate time. When there are multiple around and you are in a tight space, wouldn’t it just be easier to walk from one place to the other? Heelys are just like skateboards and roller skates, except for the fact that they look like actual shoes. They are dangerous and are not really supposed to be used as a means of transportation. However, when these shoes are in the right hands, they can actually be kind of cool; I just don’t like seeing them in the hallway and I shouldn’t have to fear for my life in between classes. 

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