Monday, May 14, 2012

Money: Saving vs. Spending

Money is a key part to our lives. However, it is all in what we decide to do with it when we get it. As I mentioned in my last blog, I have just gotten my first job. With my first job, also comes a pay check. I always look forward to my paycheck, but it is all in what I do with it.


Saving money is always important. My mom has raised me to save my money, because sometimes when you least expect it, it might come in handy! I have always been very good about putting some of the money I get/make into savings because when I go to college, it will come in handy. Ever year around my birthday and Christmas, I always make sure to put at least half, if not more, of the money I receive into savings. I like knowing that this money I have put in savings is money I have made and saved all on my own. It will make using it more someday in the future more important, but it will also make it harder to spend!


Every girl knows that shopping is more fun when you have the money to spend! I love spending money on new clothing or new accessories. However, I HATE spending money when I go out to lunch with friends, or when I have to get something I need. A lot of these necessities are simple and are usually not very much fun. When I look in my wallet and see that I have $50, and then later look and see that I only have $30, it does not make me very happy. Recently, I went to buy Mother’s Day cards. Mother’s Day is a great holiday, and I enjoy saying thank you for all the women in my life have done for me. However, this was the first year that I had to buy my own cards. My mom use to take me to the card store, and she would pay for the one’s I picked out. However, this year it was not the case. All I can say is, CARDS ARE EXPENSIVE. It is definitely a news flash to me when I realize how much the little things cost in life.

Whenever I receive my pay check(s), I always take some of it to spend, and I put some in my savings account. Saving money right now is probably the most important thing I can do because soon enough, I will be on my own, required to pay for my own things without the support of my family. Spending can be fun, if you are spending it on something new that you’ve been looking forward to getting, however it can also be tedious and bring you down!

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