Monday, May 14, 2012

Hoarding and Giving Items Away

I have always had a problem letting go of my personal items whether they be notebooks, clothes, or books. I don’t know why I have always been the type of person to want to keep everything and everything I get. My mom likes to keep stuff too, but she doesn’t keep as much as I do. I have trouble giving things up because I feel like when I do, I will someday need that thing again, even if it is just a meaningless coffee mug that I have never used.

The hardest things for me to give up are my old clothes. I have been losing weight for the past two years now and lately a lot of my clothes have not been fitting properly. Many of my t-shirts are mediums, and they are like dresses now. I especially hate giving up t-shirts because I have gotten them in certain places, and I won’t be able to get the same one ever again. However, these t-shirts are basically useless to me now because whenever I wear them I have to tie them in the back; when I do this, I look like a five year old! No one does that any more.

However, even though I never wear these t-shirts anymore, I still have them in my drawers. I also have accumulated new pieces of clothing that actually fit me. This leads to me not having any room in my drawers! This is a serious problem, because then my clothes start to expand onto the floor. I hate having a messy room, and clothes on the floor just make matters worse. I know I need more room in my drawers, but I feel like I will sometime need those other clothes. I always think, what if I to college and gain a bunch of weight and need those clothes again?  The reality of that happening is not really possible; even if I do gain weight, I am not going to want to wear clothes I wore when I was a freshman in high school.

Giving things up is always going to be hard to do and I need to do some serious spring cleaning. I need to realize that even though I may need these things in my life at one point or the other, I am not using them now, and therefore they are not needed. This summer I am making a vow to clean out my room, and get rid of things. When I have a clean and clutter-free room, I will feel much better mentally and physically!

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