Monday, May 14, 2012

How to: Have a GREAT Audition

Every year, multiple times a year, I go through an audition process. When I was younger, I used to get very nervous about how I might do and how I might come across. However, now that I audition so often, it has almost come to be second nature. However, even though I have gotten use to them, I still get nervous. I have found some things though that helps calm my nerves, so I have the best audition possible!

Prepare yourself: The best way to do well in an audition is to feel prepared. I know that when I do not feel prepared, that is when my nerves get to me the most, and then I psych myself out. When I psych myself out, that is when I mess up. For example, when going into a vocal audition, warm up before hand and have your song that you plan on singing as best it can be! You want to feel comfortable with what you are doing because when you feel comfortable, you can also feel confident. I understand that sometimes things pop up spur of the moment, but even then, find time to prepare yourself with as much time as you can. You always do better when you are prepared!

Smile: My favorite thing to do is to smile. When you have a smile on your face, you can do anything, or even master anything! By having a smile on your face, you show the people you are auditioning for that you are confident in what you are doing. Even when you mess up, if you keep a smile on your face it shows that you will pick up and go on. Messing up is okay, you just have to keep yourself composed. If you physically show your distress about messing up or make a crude comment, it shows bad sportsmanship and it shows people that you are afraid to make a mistake. No one is ever going to have a perfect audition. What makes an audition perfect is how they feel about it afterwards, not how they perform while doing it.

Breathe: The most important thing my mom has always told me to do before I go into an audition is to BREATHE. Yes, this might sound like common sense. However, I don’t mean the little breaths that we take constantly throughout our day. I mean the kind of breaths that soothe your nerves and your body. These breaths are deep breaths that calm you inside and out. Yes, you might sound funny while taking three deep breaths in and out, but trust me it actually works! Breathing is the key to doing well. Next time you go to dance in front of someone or sing in front of someone, just remember to take three deep breaths, and you’ll feel a thousand times better!

Some people say they don’t get nervous before they audition. However, I believe that nerves are good. They get your adrenaline going and they really help you do your best. But, before you audition remember to prepare yourself, breathe, and smile! It will always make you feel better and it will allow you to have the best audition possible!

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