Monday, May 14, 2012

Farewell Readers: My Blogging Experience

Well, I never thought I would see this day come! This is my last blog, my ninetieth blog!!!! At the beginning of the year we were told that we had to have thirty blogs each term, and three terms later, here is my ninetieth blog! Over this year, I have grown to like blogging for the most part, but also despise it in some ways.

It is an outlet for my thoughts. I like blogging because I feel like I can write about anything and everything that interests me. My blog is about my feelings towards people and events. If people don’t care to read my opinion, then they can move on and read the next blog they come across. I have written about a multitude of subjects ranging from topics about death, to winning the National Show Choir championship! I like seeing my blog because it shows me that I can be creative! People always said I could talk about anything and everything, and as I see my blog, that is definitely true!

It can be fun. Sometimes if there is something new that comes into the news, I can write about my thoughts and experiences relating to it. Also, sometimes if I am riding in the car, and a really good blog idea pops into my head, I get excited to write about it! Some topics are very fun to write about and when I have a strong opinion about something it can be fun to express that through writing!

Sometimes it is too much. After ninety blogs, I have absolutely no idea how I came up with ninety topics to write about. Thirty a term is a very high number for each term, and it definitely takes some digging in order to find topics to write about. For me, there shouldn’t be a set number because I know that my blogs are best when I feel inspired to write about something. However, when I don’t have any inspiration, my blogs can be complete crap. The number shouldn’t matter; the quality is what really counts.

For the most part, I am grateful for this blogging experience. I know that next year I will look back on my blog posts, and I will feel very proud. However, the real question is: will I ever blog again if I don’t have to? The answer: probably not. While it was fun while it lasted, I don’t see me plopping down in front of my computer ever again to write another blog. Having a blog pushed me to become more creative and it helped me become a better writer.

I will never forget the year I wrote ninety blogs!
¡Adios for now readers!

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