Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fab Five

Show choir is a very big thing in the Midwest. Many schools have show choir and it is very influential throughout our region. Ever since 1994, Cedar Rapids has been doing something called “Fab Five.” Fab Five is a performance put on by all five show choirs in Cedar Rapids. By doing this performance, we are able to showcase the talent within Cedar Rapids. It is amazing to see how much talent can lie within one town, and it is amazing how much the talent grows every year.
I have been attending Fab Five since I was four or five. My uncle was in show choir and that is where my love of show choir really began. For thirteen years, I dreamed about one day being up on that stage performing, just like all of the “big kids” I used to watch.  I loved to sing and I loved to dance and I knew I could do it, if I really tried, and if I was good enough.
My day came when I became an official “Fab Fiver.” The day I had been dreaming about finally came this month and I was performing for all of those people and kids, just like they used to perform for me. Now, I was the one those little kids with my same dreams were watching. It was the best feeling in the world to know that I finally accomplished what I had set out to do. The minute I walked out on that stage, a feeling came over me; a feeling of pride and achievement. I knew my mom and my grandma (who were sitting in the audience and who took me to the shows as a little kid) were just as proud watching me as I was having them watch me.
At the end of Fab Five, all of the members of all five groups come out on stage and we sing one song, all together. Because this is when the talent is all in one spot at one time, it shows the audience how much talent really lies within Cedar Rapids. The sound produced and the number of kids on stage singing together is such an amazing thing to watch, let alone be a part of. By doing this, it shows the audience as well as ourselves that we all are one together, and that we all come from the same place; we all share the same passion.
Witnessing 250 talented young people and finally being able to be one of those young people, is an experience I will never forget.

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