Sunday, February 12, 2012

Church Buddies: Part One

I have always been actively involved in my church. I went to Sunday school, I would volunteer, I would attend church services, and I was in my church choir. While being involved in all of these things, I made many friends. These friends will forever be there for me, and I know I can count on them whenever I need them. I would be loss without them.

Robert. Robert is a year older than I am, but we have always been close. I am probably the closest with Robert out of everyone. He has such a kind spirit and he is the greatest friend a person could ever have. He is very talented and he knows how to be humble about it. Even with all of his talent, he appreciates everyone else’s talent and embraces it as much as we embrace his. I will admit that my freshman year, I had a hard-core crush on him. (It is no secret; I am pretty sure that everyone knew about that, even him!) He is such a nice guy, with a great personality, and great looks, that you would have to be crazy NOT to have a crush on him. However, looking back at freshman year now, and that crush I had on him, I realize that it was a bit odd. I have known him ever since I was five, and he has always been like my brother. Now, we are closer than ever. We try to spend time with each other whenever we can. Soon, he will be leaving for college, and I think saying good-bye to him will be the hardest thing to do. I know that we won’t forget about each other when we go our separate ways because once true friends, always true friends.

Jarett. Good ol’ Jarett is an acquired taste. Jarett and I have a love-hate relationship. It is mostly love, but we love to hate on each other. We have an interesting relationship. We are so close, and everyone knows it, but in the same token, we get on each other’s last nerve. This happens because we are so much alike and we don’t have a problem giving each other a hard time. I know that if I snap at him, he will snap right back, and I am not afraid to call him out on something he does that I don’t like, and vice-versa. To me, this is what a friendship is about. We have an honest relationship, and we don’t mind being real with each other. I love Jarett so much, even though he drives me absolutely crazy. He is a true friend, and I know he will always be there for me and he knows that I will always be here for him.

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