Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Green Bay Packers

My love affair with the Green Bay Packers started the summer of 2009 when my family and I took a trip up to Green Bay, Wisconsin. My family members have always been die-hard Chicago Bears fans. I have never really been interested in football; to be honest, I really never understood it. (I still have some trouble to this day keeping updated on everything that is going on!) However, this one trip up to Wisconsin forever changed my view point of football. From that day on, I will forever be a Green Bay Packer Fan.

It was a chilly August day and we were on our way out of Green Bay, Wisconsin. My stepdad (who is a Minnesota Vikings Fan) wanted to drive by Lambeau Field. As we were driving by, we saw a bunch of people standing outside, crowding the fences. As it turns out, the Green Bay Packers were having a practice! How cool! We decided to get out of our car to go and watch. At first I was like, “Really? Is this necessary?” But as we got closer and got to see the players up close, I was instantly hooked. We got to see the quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, (who might I add, is VERY attractive)! We stayed for about an hour, and my parents had to literally drag me away because I was so intrigued.

As we drove out of town, I couldn’t stop thinking about what just happened! I got to see a REAL, professional football team practice! I get to watch them on TV! It was such an amazing experience that I will never forget, and to top it off, Green Bay won the Super Bowl that following February.  I told everyone that I was their “good luck charm” and that my love for them is what ultimately helped them to win!

This past season, I was convinced that my Packers were going to go to the Super Bowl again. They had such a great season and they were kicking everyone’s butt! However, then, that awful day came: the day when the New York Giants beat my Packers, and knocked them out of the running to go to the Super Bowl. I was crushed and I went into mourning for about an hour. How could this happen? They were so good! But, I couldn’t do anything to change it, they had lost; they weren’t going to the Super Bowl.

However, Super Bowl Sunday came, and I was bitter. I decided that I was going to root for my Packers, even though they weren’t playing. I went to watch the game all decked out in my Packer apparel. I had my hat, my t-shirt, my pins, and my “coozie.” I was ready for the game! Even though my Packers weren’t actually in the Super Bowl, they truly won in my eyes. They were such a great team, and they played such a great season, they really did deserve to go to the Super Bowl! Hopefully next year!


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