Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Technology in Today's World

As time has progressed, so has technology. My mom often reminds me that when she was in high school, she had to type her papers on a typewriter and use whiteout whenever she made a mistake. Now however, I use a computer for almost everything. Computers have transformed from big, boxy things to a little on-the-go device. Because of these new devices, it is making it a lot easier for average human beings to communicate with the outside world. Now, everything can be done with the touch of a finger.

My friend Adam was one of the first people I knew to get the iPad. He was so excited when he got it two years ago. Now, the iPad has three generations. If you look at Adam’s iPad (the first generation) to the newest one, there is a big difference.  The availability of iPads and iPhones have transformed the world. Everywhere I go now I see someone using their iPhone. In school, about half of the student body owns an iPhone, and many bring their own personal iPads to school (even Adam). The invention of these nifty little devices has made society a different place. There is no longer a need for an actual dictionary, you can just pull it up on your phone; there is no real need to print photos, you can just bring them up on the screen. These devices are enabling human beings to do more and transforming the world.

A question never goes unanswered anymore because of the technology within our little palm. Yes, this is nice occasionally because it allows those impatient humans an answer right away. However, it takes away the searching and the wondering. We lose a sense of wonder when we can just pull up the answer right away and the access to technology is allowing someone else to think for us.

If we keep allowing new technology into our lives, it will eventually take over; it basically already has. When someone says, “I don’t own a phone” (let alone an iPhone) or “I don’t have a computer” (heaven forbid it isn’t an iPad or MacBook) we are taken back. We ask our self, “How does one live without that?” We have gotten so use to having an iPhone or iPad in our life, that we can no longer picture life without them. However, though they may be nice, if we allow them to keep getting better and better, the human race will not have a sense of personal knowledge because all we have to do is pull it up on our screen.

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