Friday, December 30, 2011

A Look Back on 2011

Looking back onto 2011, it was quite an exciting year. Many things happened, some sad, but some great! With it quickly coming to an end, it makes me wonder, how will 2012 top this fun-filled year? From nine to one, here is how my year went:

#9) Saying Goodbye: This year marked the first year I was forced to “say goodbye.” Being a sophomore last year, I made a lot more senior friends. When I was a freshman, I remember being scared to death by the seniors. They just seemed so much older. But last year, I put that “fear” aside and made a lot of upperclassmen friends. All of them left school in May and then left town in August. It was hard saying goodbye, because I knew I wasn’t going to be able to see them every day anymore. But then I would remember that they were off to new and exciting things. I have seen many of them when they have come home for breaks, but it isn’t the same as being with them every day. I still try to keep in touch with many of them too. Seeing how hard it was to say goodbye to them, it is going to be even harder to say goodbye to my senior friends this year (since I am a junior).  But pretty soon, I am going to be the one getting said “goodbye” to!

#8) Lower-Classman to Upper-Classman: The transition from sophomore year to junior year doesn’t seem like that big of a difference in theory, but it practice it is a huge leap. I made this leap this year. Freshmen and sophomores are viewed as lowerclassmen. They do not get as many “rights” as the upperclassmen do. But now, being an upperclassman, I feel like a completely different person. I am the one the lowerclassmen look up to and I am the one who has more authority than they do. I have more rights, such as getting a release period, where I can leave campus instead of having to take a study hall. And I can also leave campus for lunch! I love having this right because it makes the lunch period more fun! I am also allowed to park my car in the big, student lot ON CAMPUS. This is a change for me because I was used to having to park at a near-by church and I would have to walk to school. Not fun. But now, being an upperclassmen makes going to school more fun!

#7) No Pop: New Year’s Eve signifies one year since I have had pop of any sort. This is mile-stone for me because I used to drink pop all of the time. I feel like not drinking pop, makes me unique in a way. Many people are “addicted” to pop and can’t go a day without it; some only drink it on special occasions. I however, only drink water, juice and milk. Not drinking pop makes me feel healthier. I do not feel like I am putting that nasty sugar supplement inside of my body. I have lost a lot of weight in the past year or so, and I feel like not drinking pop had something to do with that. Some people who have given up pop say that they miss the fizzy feeling or the taste. However, I do not miss pop one bit.  (559)

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