Friday, December 30, 2011

The Beauty of Having a Snuggie

I have joined the massive phenomena of having a Snuggie. I got my first Snuggie for Christmas and I started using it non-stop ever since. Here are some of my favorite ways to use it:

#1) Read a Book: The Snuggie comes in handy especially while trying to read. I am one of those weird people that like to sleep with the ceiling fan on high speed, even in the winter. I do this while trying to read my book, and let me tell you, it gets pretty windy. Before I had the Snuggie, my arms would constantly have “goose bumps” because they were so cold. However, now, I can wear my Snuggie while reading and it makes a huge difference. The Snuggie has arm holes that allow you to do anything you want with your hands, while keeping your arms nice and warm. Now, I can read my book while staying warm even with my fan on high speed!

#2) Type Your Blogs: I am currently using my Snuggie as I type this blog. I am in my basement where it is a bit chilly. However, I do not feel cold at all because I have my wonderful Snuggie on. If I weren’t wearing my Snuggie and were trying to write a blog, my arms would be FREEZING. But since they are covered up and my hands are free, I am able to write as many blogs as I want or can come up with while keeping my body heated.

#3) Just Stay on the Couch: Being a typical teenager, I love to sleep and lounge; it is one of my most favorite things to do! Another way I am a typical teenager, I love to text. Having a Snuggie makes it possible to stay bundled up and warm, while texting and flipping through channels on the television. My Snuggie, like many others, also has a large pocket in the front. This is a safe place where I can keep my phone and remote if I happen to fall asleep or just need a break from holding onto something. It is very nifty!

My wonderful Snuggie is purple with peace signs all over it. The color is nice and bright so it makes me feel happy. Since my Snuggie has peace signs all over it, it makes me feel a sense of serenity as well. I know that I can be warm and safe while wearing my Snuggie. Snuggies were a great invention because they allow the person wearing it to multitask, which we Americans love to do. And that is the beauty of having a Snuggie.

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