Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How to: Be a Good Boyfriend/Girlfriend

There are many philosophies on how to be a good boy/girlfriend. Although I am not an expert, I somewhat know what makes a relationship work and what doesn’t. Though not everyone may agree with me, here are some of the basics on how to be a good partner.

Be Honest: Everyone knows that “honesty is the best policy,” and that is exactly true. You cannot expect someone to read your mind if you have a problem. By being honest with your partner, you are able to communicate what is really bothering you. When you do this, you are able to get your issue out there where it can be fixed. If you keep something bottled up inside, it will eventually build up so much that it could eventually lead you to say things you don’t mean. I like to refer to people as a Coke bottle: You can only shake it so much before it is going to explode; humans are the same way. By being honest, you are able to relieve this issue and resolve your problem.

Complement Each Other: Everyone knows that a relationship should be built on what is on the inside and not what is on the outside. Even if the person isn’t the “hottest thing you’ve ever seen” on the outside, they should be on the inside. A relationship should be about making the other person happy and treating them like you would want to be treated. Your partner should complement you and make positive comments towards you. When your partner doesn’t do this, it causes the other person to go somewhere else for the compliments; this then causes issues. Just the simple, “You look nice today!” or “You are so beautiful” can really make a difference in how one perceives themselves.

Do Nice Things for One Another: Kind gestures can really make a difference in how we feel about our partner. Someone who is always willing to help the other and make an effort to go out of their way for the other really shows how you feel about the other person. A simple opening of the car door or helping to carry something shows that you are willing to help them and be there for them. It shows that you are a team and that you are willing to be a part of a team, rather than having the other person “ride solo.”

Respect and Trust: You cannot build a relationship without trusting the other person and respecting them. These two words work together to serve the same purpose. You need to respect your partner and realize that they may need time to themselves and with their friends; you are not the only person in the world that matters to them. If you spend every waking minute together you would get incredibly sick of each other and it would make the time you spend together less special. When you respect them, you also should trust them. When you don’t trust that they are doing the right thing, you are disrespecting them. Without trust in a relationship, you have nothing. However, you have to be honest if you want your partner to trust and respect you. All of these helpful tips intertwine together and all help make your relationship the best it can be!

Although I am not expert, I have seen relationships fail and I have seen relationships succeed. These were only a couple of tips on how to make a relationship work. However, the biggest tip is that in order to be in a relationship, you have to be willing to be a part of a team. It takes two to make a relationship work; the effort cannot just be given, it also needs to be returned.

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