Sunday, April 15, 2012

Flying (Part One of Three)

I have been flying ever since I was just a few months old. Because I have been flying on airplanes my whole life, I do not have a fear of them. I have flown in a variety of ways and I am able to compare and contrast which ways I prefer.

International vs. Domestic


International traveling is much different than traveling domestically. However, they are also the same in a variety of ways.

Sleeping:  When traveling internationally, you better prepare yourself for a long voyage. Most of the time, time goes by fast but that all depends on what is going on on the plane. I traveled to Spain last summer, and my plane ride was eight hours there and nine hours back. The quickest way to make a plane ride go faster is to sleep; this is helpful when traveling domestically as well as internationally. However, when traveling internationally, your ability to sleep all depends on who is around you. Most of the time, people tend to put their seats back. My philosophy is that it is quite rude unless everyone behind you has put their seat back. When putting your seat back, you are just allowing yourself to be comfortable and not worrying about others around you.

Food: Finding a way to sleep can be difficult especially if you are on the isle. You risk the chance of getting hit by the food cart if you make any movement toward the isle. This is another thing that is different on international flights; they are required to feed you. They cannot let you go six plus hours without giving you either breakfast, lunch or dinner (or maybe 2 out of 3) depending on the time of your flight. The food however, it not always appetizing; they are pre-packaged meals that appear to be kind of sketchy. On my international flights, I would pick and choose what I wanted to eat out of the meal; I tended to stay away from the meat because I was never really sure where it was coming from.

Size: International planes are going to be much larger than domestic planes. This is because people normally have more luggage/heavier luggage. Also, international planes generally carry more people. This is because it takes so long to get to and from a destination that they can’t be making regular flights back and forth everyday like they can when you travel within our country. A bigger plane can be better because there is more space to move about within the cabin, but it can also mean more people. The more people there are, the more crowded it will be.


Sleep: Sleeping on a domestic flight is a lot easier even though there is not as much room. Usually there won’t be as much of a time change that you will have to adjust to, therefore getting sleep doesn’t matter as much because you won’t be focused on not having jet-leg. Personally, I prefer sleeping on planes that go through turbulence because it helps me sleep. It is easier for me to sleep on domestic flights because there is more turbulence because you are lower to the ground, where more clouds are located.

Food: Domestic flights are not required to serve you food. Usually, they do not hand out more than little packages of peanuts and crackers because of economic cut backs. (This was different in past years.) Now, flight attendants usually just come by and offer you a beverage. Depending on the length of the flight, beverages are not always offered. If the flight is under an hour, a beverage will not be offered. Usually domestic flights are not as long, so a beverage is likely to tide you over until you land.

Size: Domestic planes vary in size. Some can be large, but most are smaller. You usually don’t see a huge plane take passengers from Chicago to Atlanta. The sizes are usually smaller because distance is not as far, and planes can travel back and forth more than once or twice each day. By doing this, flights are easier to catch if one gets cancelled or delayed. Domestic flights offer more leeway because of the shorter distance needed to travel.

International and Domestic planes have a lot in common, but they are also different; flight experiences also vary. I prefer domestic plane rides because they aren’t as long and therefore I don’t get as bored as easily, which is always nice!

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