Sunday, April 15, 2012

Flying (Part Three of Three)

There are a variety of emotions that I go through when I am going to my destination and when I am coming home from my destination. There are also many factors that affect my level of excitement and how I felt on my destinations.
To a Destination vs. From a Destination
To a Destination:
My favorite thing is waking up at 4:00am to go to the airport to get on a plane to somewhere new and exciting. Although I love my state of Iowa, it is always nice to escape and go somewhere different!
Energy: My energy is always high and I am always excited when I am getting on the plane to my destination. It lets me know that I am going to be somewhere new soon, and that all that is standing in my way is 2+ hours of sitting in a seat overlooking the sky. It is always exciting when the flight attendant announces that you are “beginning to ascend,” because it means you will soon be touching ground!
Packing: Packing when you are getting ready to go on a trip is always fun because you are deciding what you are going to wear and what you want to bring! When I start packing for my trip, it reassures me that my trip is near and that is all I begin to look forward too! When I pack FOR a trip, it is always nicely packed in there because I want to be able to unpack easily. The easier and nicer you pack, the easier it is to unpack! It is almost like a win-win situation!
The Countdown: My favorite thing to do before I leave for a big vacation is to start a countdown. I usually start this countdown three weeks before my scheduled departure. By having a countdown, it is constantly reassuring me that I will soon be leaving and will get to experience new things with new people. This is very exciting to me; however, it also makes me want to leave even more. The more I think about what I WILL be doing once I get to my destination, the more I want to be there.
From a Destination:
Getting on the plane home from somewhere fun or exciting is always hard. Most of the time, you want to stay and enjoy your time more than you already have. It is a reminder that you will have to return to reality once that plane lands in your airport back home.
Energy: My energy is always lower when I am returning from a destination. Going through security seems like more work than it was when you were going to your destination; the flight seems to take longer, etc. Everything just seems to drag. The plane rides are not nearly as much fun because there is not anything to look forward to anymore besides the feeling of being in your own bed again.
Packing: When I pack my suitcase back up after being somewhere fun, I tend to get a little lazy. To me, it doesn’t matter as much what my suitcase looks like on the inside because soon enough it will all end up in the laundry basket. However, my biggest fear in doing this is that the FSA people will have to check out my suitcase and see the mess I left inside. Usually, instead of just throwing everything in, I roll it up or fold it in a sloppy manner. Again, my energy is lacking when I have to pack-it just isn’t as exciting! It is almost as if I am packing away my trip.
The Countdown: The countdown is always fun when you are going somewhere, but it is the complete opposite when you are coming home from your destination. The last thing you want to do is “countdown” because it is almost like wishing away your trip. The thing I tend to do most is purposely try to keep how many days I have left of my trip out of my mind. I don’t like to think about having to get back on the plane to head back home. Reality isn’t as much fun because it means you will have to be productive again.

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