Sunday, April 15, 2012

Flying (Part Two of Three)

There are many perks to flying alone, and also to flying with people you know. However, there are also some issues.
Alone vs. Parents
Flying alone can be fun and exciting, but it can also be scary. I was sixteen the first time I flew alone; I was a bit nervous, but I was confident in my skills and I knew that I would be okay.
Baggage: Flying alone means less baggage that will have to make it to your destination. This is important because sometimes planes become too heavy and they are forced to remove the heaviest bags. The less number of bags you check or your family checks, the less amount of chance you have of this happening to you. Also, when you check in with more people, your bags normally stay together; this means that if one of their bags gets left behind, the likelihood of yours getting left behind is very high. Baggage is always an issue when flying, and when traveling alone, it is just less to worry about.
Change in Plans: Airlines are so unpredictable; there could be bad weather or technical difficulties where your flight could get cancelled. By traveling alone, it is easier to get a seat on another flight. When there is only one person to reschedule, it makes finding a seat a lot easier. The more the people, the harder it is to rebook a seat on another flight.
Mood: Personally, I find it easier to fly alone because I am the only person I need to worry about. When there are more than the one parties involved, things can get a little stressful. My mood is usually calmer because I just need to focus on myself and takes away a lot of the stress. However, there are some sketchy people in airports, so when I am alone, my mood is sometimes on the edge. It is necessary to always remain aware of yourself, your baggage and your surroundings.
With Parents:
I have been flying with my parents ever since I can remember. Since I am only seventeen, it is sometimes helpful for them to be there in case of an emergency.
Baggage: When traveling with more than one person, there is always going to be more baggage. Baggage fees have gone up in price and will keep going up as gas prices keep going up. When traveling with more than one person, the likelihood of your baggage getting lost can be higher. However, baggage usually stays together if you check-in together. That means, if you are standing at Baggage Claim and you see one of your family member’s suitcases, your suitcase is likely on its way!
Change in Plans: It is much harder to rebook three or four more tickets on a different flight than it is to rebook one person. This makes it harder if a flight is cancelled or delayed and limits your chances of a back-up flight. However, if your plane does get cancelled in a foreign city, you will not be alone. Sometime it can be nerve-wracking to be stuck somewhere you are unfamiliar with by yourself. By having your parents, or travel companions with you, you will not be alone.
Mood: The more people there are, the more stressful things can get. Flying can be a very stressful experience, and the more people there are to worry about, the greater the tension will be.  However, the more people there are, the more potential opportunities for fun there is! When you travel with more than just yourself, it gives you someone to talk to so you aren’t just awkwardly waiting at your gate all alone.
Flying can be fun with or without your parents or more than just yourself!

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