Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Alzheimer’s Disease

Many people are affected by Alzheimer’s disease every year. There are organizations that are trying to find a cure for Alzheimer’s but so far they have not had any luck finding a cure to this awful disease. This disease doesn’t physically harm those who suffer from it, but it does harm those with family suffering from it. My great-grandmother had Alzheimer’s and it scares me because I know it is genetic.

My great-grandmother Josina suffered with Alzheimer’s for many years before it took her life. It was hard not only on her, but also on those who loved her. I never got to meet her because the “real” her was gone long before I came along. However, even though I never got to meet her, I still hear stories about her all of the time. My grandmother will tell me stories about her mother from when she (my grandma) was a little child to when she saw her in the care center. The two women I hear about are completely different and it never ceases to amaze me how much one disease can change a person. It is hard listening to the stories of my great-grandmother and how she acted after the disease hit her. It scares me knowing that this could one day be me, or any of my other family members.

Recently, Alzheimer’s has been more prevalent in television shows and movies. Some popular ones would be, The Notebook and Grey’s Anatomy.  I cry every time I see these because it makes me realize what my grandmother and other family members went through trying to help my great-grandmother. Because Alzheimer’s is being put on the main stream media, it is bringing awareness to this horrendous disease. I can only hope that one day there will be a cure. 

This year my school did a fundraiser for The Alzheimer’s Walk. I raised some money but unfortunately I was not able to participate in the walk. From what I heard, the walk was quite successful and many people showed up. It is nice knowing that people out there are trying to find a cure to help those suffering. I just hope that something could have been discovered sooner so I could have gotten to know my real great-grandmother. Hopefully in the future people will keep trying to find a cure. Alzheimer’s disease is not only a disease that wears one down, but it also hurts those exposed to it.

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