Thursday, April 5, 2012

"Good Things Happen to Good People" Part One

I am a part of the award winning Happiness Incorporated show choir in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Happiness has been around since 1967, and has been an amazing group ever since. I have written about my experience performing as a “Fab Fiver” for the first time in a previous blog. However, this blog is a little different: it is about pride and being grateful.

Ever since July, we have been working to perfect our show for this year. The talent that lies within the group is unbelievable, and my director has been telling us that for three years he has dreamed about this group and the success that we would hopefully have. Like any newcomer, I was a bit nervous to be a part of this group; they have been grand champions many, MANY times and have had countless amounts of recognition. Coming into this group was a shock, but I was ready because I had rightfully earned my spot. I have dreamed about being in this group, and this year it finally happened.

Like many groups, we have travel jackets. However, our travel jackets are unlike those of any other group. They are bright yellow and we call them “Banana Jackets” because when we walk around in them, we look like a stampede of bananas coming to attack. I have always wanted a “Banana Jacket” of my own, and the day I finally got my jacket was amazing. It said my name on it; it had my pins; it was all mine. I finally had people asking to wear MY jacket instead of the other way around. When I put on this jacket, I feel a great sense of pride. I know that people recognize me as a member of Happiness Inc., and when they see me wearing it, I somehow get their respect. It is known that someone who wears a “Banana Jacket” has worked extremely hard for it.

Throughout our three-month-long show choir season, we went to six competitions. Out of those six events, we won FIVE. We made history by setting that record. In the history of Happiness Inc., they have never won more than three competitions, and we won five. This was an amazing accomplishment; we will forever be the year to beat. These five grand champions were not just given to us however, we earned them. We have been working our tails off for a good six months; we spend at least twelve hours a week rehearsing and perfecting our show. We all put in our best effort because we strive to be the best. Because we all have the same goal, we all work together. When we work together, it makes us a family.

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