Friday, October 14, 2011

Where I Belong

Just picture it: shinning lights, a big crowd, fun costumes, with great people. This is what I live for. Like many others out there, I am a performer. I have been a performer for many years. I started performing in front of crowds when I was three. Let me tell you, it was not always pleasant, but it sure was fun! When I was three, I started taking dance lessons and by the age of five, I was singing in my church choir. Then as soon as I got to middle school I was on stage performing in musicals, plays, and in show choir. To this day, I am still involved in musicals, plays and show choir. It is what I love to do; it is what I live for.

Middle school is where I first really got a chance to explore the stage. I remember the first musical I was in: Aladdin. I was in sixth grade, so therefore I was only in the chorus. Even just being in the chorus, I took my role seriously. They always say, you have to start low in order to grow big- and that is exactly what happened. When I got to seventh grade, I had an actual speaking part! I was one of the grandma’s in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Yes, it wasn’t huge, but it was a part; it was also a step up from the chorus. I knew my time was coming! Then, when I was in eighth grade, I got a lead part in Into the Woods, Jr. and then again later that year in FOOLS. I was also involved in show choir in seventh grade and again in eighth grade. I loved performing, and I was good at it! The stage was where I felt most comfortable!

My love for the stage continued onward into high school. I made the freshmen show choir, and I was involved in the children’s theatre production of A Year with Frog and Toad. I was also a part of our award winning speech team, and our spring musical, Sweeney Todd. Once again, I had to start off at the lower end, but I knew it would turn around. Then, for my sophomore year I was a part of the children’s theatre production again, I was on speech team, and I had a role in the spring musical, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum! This was my first step in getting larger parts. It was a 19 member cast, and I (a sophomore) got a part! It was so much fun being on stage and performing in front of all of those people! Yes, it was a little nerve wracking, considering the part I had. (I was Tintinabula, the belly dancer courtesan!) Also, during my sophomore year I was a part of our JV Show Choir! It was an amazing experience! I loved being on stage and performing to the best of my abilities!

This year is my junior year. I made the fall musical, Seussical and I plan on auditioning for the children’s theatre production again this year. I made our varsity show choir this year as well. The school year just began, but I know it is going to be one filled with shinning lights, big crowds, fun costumes, and great people. Being on stage has brought me so many great friends. When you are involved in something so time consuming, you make long lasting friendships. You get to know people better than you would have gotten to if they were just in your math or science class. You form an unspoken bond that no one else can experience unless, they too are on stage alongside you. The feeling of being on stage is like no other. I feel at home. It is where I belong; where I fit. It is somewhere I can go, where it is just me. I tune out everything around me, and perform to the best of my abilities. I constantly get compliments on my facial presence while on stage. (Usually I have a big smile). This keeps me going, and helps prove to myself that this IS something I love to do. I know it isn’t always realistic, but being on stage is definitely something I would love to spend my life doing. I know that if I ever lose track of myself, (which I sure hope doesn’t happen) I know I can just get on that stage, and I will be right back where I belong.

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