Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cell Phones: Part One

“Where are you?”
“What’s up?”
“How much longer?”
I wish I could remember what the days were like before I got a cell phone, but I can’t. This is exceptionally sad because I only got it three and a half years ago. Ridiculous… I know. But how did we communicate with each other before the phenomenon of having a cell phone hit? From what I remember, we just took chances, and waited. We did a lot of waiting. We waited for people to get back to us. (This could have taken a whole day or even longer!) We waited for people to arrive, without being able to send the “Where are you?” text. Cell phones have taken over our world, person by person.
My grandma likes to tell me that I was “more fun” before I got a cell phone. I would definitely disagree! Yes, I am in regular contact with people, but that doesn’t take away my fun-factor. She however cannot relate because she does not have a cell phone (or a computer) so she doesn’t quite understand the temptation of having one. Because of all of the push back she gives me while I am around her, I tend to try to keep my phone hidden. Even for that little amount of time though, it is hard to not respond the moment your phone buzzes.
I have a regular phone with Verizon. No special perks. I do not have internet and I do not have games or Apps. I have unlimited texting and calling, and that is about it. Now though, Smart-Phones are becoming more and more popular and it is becoming a rarity to have just a regular phone that is only used to text and call people. In some ways, I am glad I don’t have to constant temptation to be checking Facebook or Twitter. But then again, I sort of wish I did have access to that constantly. But for now, I think I will stick to my texting-calling plan only before I add an extra $30 to my bill each month!
Looking back, watching the re-runs of Saved by the Bell, and seeing that ENORMOUS cell phone being used by Zach it makes me laugh. It is amazing to see how far the world of technology has come in only about fifteen years. It makes you wonder what the next big hit will in the technology world. I have no doubt that it will be something amazing!

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