Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cell Phones: Part Two

“I don’t know!!”
 “I don’t know…..”
There are so many ways a text or post can be interpreted.  And a lot of the time, texts and postings ARE misinterpreted. The example of I DON’T KNOW is a very popular one that is often not perceived the way it was meant to be. How would you interpret these three types of “idk”? Well I know that in many situations, I would perceive these all differently. The use of punctuation can mean a lot when texting as well. This is something to pay attention to when reading a text or a post. However, it can also be very deceiving.  
I love texting and posting, but it also gets in the way sometimes. Depending on my “mood of the day” I will interpret texts differently depending on the type of punctuation being used. Someone might mean it in a nice way, but I might interpret them as being rude, or standoffish. I don’t know why I do this, but I think it is something in the brain that causes you to make it sound differently than it is really intended. I know there are many fights that occur because of a misinterpreted text message or post.
Because texting and posting have become so popular these days, it takes away a lot of direct communicating. This can be very detrimental because as future generations keep getting more and more improvements in the world of technology, we might lose direct communication all together. Hopefully, that is a far-fetched idea, but it is something we have to keep in the back of our minds.
Because the world of technology has transformed so much, talking on the phone has become a rarity. My mom likes to tell me the story about the time she first got her own phone. And when I say phone, I mean the type of phone that was plugged into the wall (into a phone cable) and the type that you used when no one else was using the other line. She was twelve, and recently moved into her new house, in a neighborhood where she could no longer ride her bike to easily see her friends. She was promised her own phone extension in her room which helped her to be okay with moving. But now, most of the world has their OWN line, which they can keep in their POCKET. Home land lines are dwindling down and so are phones that actually hook onto the wall. Yes, my family still has a home phone, but we got rid of our wall phone a couple of years ago. But now instead of using our home phones or cell phones to actually CALL someone, we can just whip out our little touch screen and text someone. Texting can be a faster and an easier way to communicate, but you don’t always get the point across that you initially intended. This can cause major issues and can involve unneeded explanation to something that is not a big deal.
Cell phones are quickly taking over the world, and everything around them. However, we don’t have to let them control our lives.  So next time, avoid unnecessary conflict and make sure your point is CLEARLY expressed. Remember not to take anything too personally too, because you aren’t always there when the message is sent; therefore you don’t know the exact tone it was intended in. Everyone needs to remember that texting and posting is not forever going to be a sufficient means of conversation, so we shouldn’t get too hooked on it now.

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