Friday, October 14, 2011


There are many vegetarians out there in the world today. Some choose to be vegetarians or they have to be because of their religion. The first vegetarians were some dinosaurs; they only ate plants. Now, vegetarians have become so popular and it is an up and coming fashion.
I have always wondered what it would be like to be a vegetarian. Would I make it? Would I give into the temptation of meat? Well, who knows? I haven’t tried it, so I wouldn’t know. Yes, I will admit I feel bad for the animal suffering, but a lot of the time I just push it pass me and I keep on eating.
Recently, I have been exposed to vegetarians more than ever.  Some of my best friends are vegetarians! My friend became a vegetarian after her mission trip to South Dakota and her trip to France. She didn’t like seeing how the animals were being treated and therefore decided she was going to put an end to contributing to the cruelness. Soon after, her mom also became a vegetarian. However, her dad is not a vegetarian, making meal ideas a little more difficult.
My two other friends who are vegetarians are brother and sister. I do not know the exact reason why they became vegetarians, but I know that they have been vegetarians for a long time. Their mom is also a vegetarian; well, more like ¾ of the time vegetarian. She sometimes eats meat (like fish and such) but not regularly. However, their dad is also not a vegetarian making meals also more difficult for them as well.
Given that these three are some of my best friends, I spend a lot of time with them. When I do spend time with them, we eat vegetarian-like! It is fun, even though it isn’t always that different from my regular meals. I have gotten the chance to try new foods and new types of food. Once I had Zucchini Parmesan, vegetarian Sloppy-Joes, and even some delicious homemade pizza with pesto, tomatoes and cheese! Being around these people so much makes me feel like a vegetarian. And a lot of the time I am outnumbered! It is funny in that sense, because normally it is the other way around!
Some days, I think of myself as a vegetarian. I know it wouldn’t be impossible, but it would definitely be a challenge.  When I think about changing my lifestyle into becoming a vegetarian, I think about the impact it would have on my health and on my family meals! I don’t see my mom and stepdad becoming vegetarians anytime soon. When I really think about it… I think about how much I would miss the taste of steak and burgers!  So even though sometimes I think it would be fun to be a vegetarian, I am not sure I am ready to make that commitment!
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