Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Why We Tune In

What is the point of watching TV? It used to be to become more educated. The only thing you would watch would be the news, and maybe a few other goofy shows. But now, what has TV turned into? Is it people trying to achieve a purpose or is it just people looking for their fifteen minutes of fame? Well, in fact it is both. Reality TV has become more popular than ever.

Today while at musical practice, I took a poll. I asked people if and why they watch reality TV! To be honest, I do not know why I watch reality TV. It just always seems to be there and I know it will always amuse me in some way.

Some of the reasons people shared:

·         It is very humorous. In actuality, reality TV is not really reality. It is extremely exaggerated and is not a good representation of reality, which makes it even funnier. Take for instance the MTV Hit: “The Hills.” This show seems real, but it really is not. It is all scripted in order to please the viewers and to keep them coming back for more.

·         You get the opportunity to see life through someone else’s eyes. This reason actually makes sense because you don’t get to experience other people’s lives unless you are right there living it with them. This gives us the chance to be there with them and watch their lives as it unfolds. An example of this would be: “Sister Wives,” on TLC. It is a true show, about true events that are actually occurring. We get to see the life of someone else we probably would never have gotten the chance to see if it weren’t for the show.

·         We watch it because everyone else watches it. In two words: peer pressure.  We hear all of the buzz about the show, therefore we also tune in so we can be a part of the discussion.  This makes it more fun to watch, because you know the next day you can talk about it and feel what everyone else is feeling when they watch it!

Many people think reality TV is stupid. However, it can be very useful in life, while also being very pointless. But when we get the chance to watch it, most of us will, just for the simple reason of satisfaction. It gives us something to laugh about and to compare to our own lives.

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