Sunday, November 6, 2011


We all have qualities that make each of us unique in a certain way. Some of these qualities are “cute” and some are weird. I am sure I have a lot of “cute” things within my personality, but I also have some weird traits too. One weird trait I have is that I hate it when my food touches.
There are many phobias out in the world such as Closter phobia (fear of tight spaces) and Acrophobia (fear of heights). What is my phobia? Brumotactillophobia: the fear of my food touching. I have never been one to like it when my food mixed. I would always eat my food separately and at different times. However, I wouldn’t mind it if the corners touched a little bit. Now though, any time one dish on my plate touches another, I have to remove it instantly or I will not eat it.
Many people ENJOY mixing their foods together because they like to see what it tastes like all mixed up. My dad has always been one to take a little of this, and a little of that and shove it all into his mouth at once. His philosophy: “Why does it matter how it goes down as long as it gets down? It’s all going to the same place.” This is true, but I can’t stand the taste of many different things all at once. My mom is like me to a certain extent. She doesn’t mind her different types of food touching, but she likes to eat it at separate times.
Recently my Brumotactillophobia has escalated and I have no clear definition on WHY or HOW. I don’t like having this phobia, but there is nothing I can do to shake it. For example, the other night parents of my show choir served us dinner. They give us little plates with dishes that “run”. These plates aren’t big enough so all of the food touches. At one point, my dessert was touching my chicken and I immediately had to remove my dessert from the area. If I would have let it sit any longer, I would not have been able to eat it.  My phobia has become increasingly a problem with my meals that include meat. The other day, my friend’s brother made Jambalaya.  There was shrimp and sausage mixed in rice that had corn and beans in it. I had to eat my meat separately; not with the rice. However, I was stuck and couldn’t remove the corn and beans from the rice since it was all mixed up. This Jambalaya was VERY good, but my fear prevented me from enjoying it to the greatest extent.
Many days I wish I didn’t have this phobia. I have tried to get rid of it, but it always seems to come up. I don’t know WHY I am like this, I just am. My mom is starting to become more alert with this phobia because she is noticing it becoming worse. I don’t think it is really that much of a problem. It is just something that makes me even more unique than I already am. Most people can’t say that they have Brumotactillophobia: the fear of food touching.
For my readers: If you have read any of my past blogs, you know that I like to exaggerate. This blog may be a LITTLE exaggerated, but do know that I really do have this problem.


  1. Hello there,

    I came across your blog while I was researching for a university project of mine. I got really interested in this phobia: Brumotactillophobia. I am a person that does enjoy all kinds of foods and textures, of course there is some foods I dislike but thats because of their taste. I can't imagine what it is like to have this phobia but I bet it is extremely annoying and preventing you from trying new tastes, textures, cuisines. Food is a magnificent part of our life and I have tried all sorts of food and I would love to try even more.

    I know this might be silly or even pointless, but as I said I have no experience in this area or what so ever. What if you could do exercises for this food disorder, so lets say, day by day do exercises, food exercises. Starting off with simple exercises, lets say cook some rice and corn for a start. Maybe first day you just let it touch, don't eat it, but dont throw it out either, don't seperate it, but spend some time around it, don't let the idea get into your head, do something else instead and leave your plate there with the food mixed up. It can be of course with any food, explore it, smell it, do anything but eating it. This might be a problem of fixating on food while there isnt really anything to fixate on, maybe you need to get your head to concentrate on something else. Have you ever tried to keep it separated but then have a spoon fool of 1 kind and then right after 1 spoon of the other kind and have it mixed in your mouth. Challenge yourself and dont let it get to you. Have you ever wondered of what could have happened if you have ate the mixed up food on your plate, does it just gross you out, or would it make you cry, what is your reaction if you would try it?

    Sorry for giving silly advice on a matter that I have no idea on, I just thought of sharing 1-2 thoughts because I can imagine that it makes life harder and maybe a person with no food problems like me could share their thoughts?Again sorry for bothering, hope it helps some way :) I am currently doing a poster project and I am trying to find ways of making/helping people with this food phobia build their own sandwich, interact with food that has to touch, even if the exercise is built out of card, plastic etc.

    Tahnk you for your time :)

  2. Closter phobia???? Puhleeeeze! Claustrophobia!!!

  3. I think I might have Brumotactillophobia. I have been SO uncomfortable when my food touches. For example, for breakfast I have 2 waffles and some blackberries all on the same plate. I ALWAYS eat the blackberries first so when I put on the syrup, it won't touch. I even WIPE THE BLACKBERRY JUICE of my plate!
    Even at school, my friends find it funny to mix up there food. I CAN'T STAND IT. Ever time I look at it, it runs shivers down my spine. I would shield my eyes from it, afraid I would barf. I can't even stand food like salsa, gravy, soup, or sometimes pies because of my discust for mixed food.